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Made in NY and Partnership with SUNYWide Film Festival

The Twin Tiers International Film Festival has partnered with the SUNYWide Film Festival to draw more attention to student filmmaking in the state of NY. Launched in 2009 as an opportunity to showcase the cinematic work of students and faculty within the SUNY (state university of New York) system, SWFF continues to be a leading festival in New York showcasing SUNY student filmmaking.

In partnering with SWFF, the Twin Tiers International Film Festival will screen SWFF's top 3 films in our new submission category, "Made In NY". SWFF's films will then be in competition with our direct "Made in NY" submissions for the category prize. With our partnership, we hope to put the cinematic art of NY students in the forefront and spotlight up and coming artists that are local to our region.

Made in NY is our exclusive submission category for all student filmmakers who attend school in New York State. This category offers the lowest submissions fees we offer. This is a separate competitive category meaning that all films will be reviewed, judged and graded by our panel. The selected films will then be screened at the festival as part of this category separate from other submission categories, meaning we will be awarding the top "Made in NY" film!

The winning "Made in NY" filmmaker will receive a trophy, Final Draft 11 software, and a gift from one of our local sponsors!


As a special bonus for our local students that are nearby Norwich, we will offer ALL LOCAL SUBMITTERS one (1) free VIP Pass into the festival good for the entire festival regardless of selection.





To be eligible for the free VIP Pass you must:

1 - Be a currently enrolled student in the cities of Norwich, Hamilton, Oneonta, Binghamton, Ithaca, Cortland, Syracuse or Utica. No exceptions! 

2 - Have a valid student ID from a school located in one of the cities listed above. You must bring your ID to the festival to claim your free pass.

3 - Your name must be the one listed as "submitter" with your film submission. If your name is not listed as the project submitter in FilmFreeway, you are not eligible for the free offer.

4 - If your film was not selected, we can only give one free pass per submitter, regardless of the number of submissions one submitter may have. If your film is screening at the fest, you will receive two (2) vip passes.


If your film is selected for screening at the festival, you will receive two (2) vip passes. 

Submit Here

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