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Twin Tiers International Film Festival signs distribution deal with NYC area film distributor


Shami Media Group and the Twin Tiers International Film Festival have agreed to a distribution deal that will allow filmmakers who submit into the festival a chance at having their films signed to major distribution deal. Through Shami Media Group, films that would be selected for distribution could be made available via DVD at places like Walmart, FYE, and Redbox among others. Also, the selected films could be made available on several online platforms such as Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Shami Media Group is leading the way pioneering a new approach to distribution - by partnering with festivals. Many festivals, like ours, have a judging panel who review and grade the films they receive. The best films, as the schedule will allow, are then selected for screening. We've already done the "hard" part in the eyes of the distributor. All of our SUBMITTED films have a chance with SMG. All the filmmaker needs to do is ensure they meet the technical requirements needed by SMG and submit to our festival to have a chance.

This is a huge opportunity for all filmmakers! The Twin Tiers International Film Festival truly appreciates each and every film submission we receive and we will always be here for one thing - THE FILMMAKERS! 

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