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Keeping you safe

Our Covid-19 Response

First, as per NY state guidelines, we will require face masks and social distancing of at least 6 feet. Our venue has taken measures with their air conditioning units and recently had them serviced to maximize the intake and exhaust capabilities of the units. The units are running at maximum airflow to allow the most air to cycle into the building while also exhausting it back out. New MERV 11 filters have been installed in the HVAC units and meet the requirements set forth by the state health department.

The theater has installed sanitizing stations throughout the building - including at the entrances of each theater. We are scheduling 15 minute intermissions between showings (features or short blocks) and requiring you to exit the theaters during these intermissions so that my staff can sanitize the seating, railings and other high traffic areas using cleaners and UV treatments. Once complete, a staff member will alert you that it is safe for you to re-enter for the next showing. People who have traveled to the fest in pairs or groups will be allowed to sit together in the theaters, but we will separate those who did not come to the fest together by at least 6 feet - meaning there will be 3-4 seats empty between you and the next person or group. Seating will be staggered so that no one will sit directly behind you either. Doing this will mean that theaters will be at a max capacity of 50% per theater. In a practical sense, we expect 35-40% capacity, depending on the sizes of groups and the number of seats we have to leave empty. A staff member will be present in each theater and will assist you in seating. If seating arrangements allow, you may exit/enter the theaters mid show, but if social distancing cannot be maintained, or the theater is at 50% capacity (max), you will not be allowed to enter that theater. Please limit theater hopping mid show as much as possible. 

We are still discussing eating in the theaters - we know - popcorn is a must at the movies - but unfortunately, taking off your mask is a no no - so we have to discuss this further as a team. We may allow it, but we may have to set up a designated area outside the theater space for food and drink consumption. Its a crazy time in a crazy year, so please bear with us! 


- Face Masks and 6 foot social distancing required at all times

- Staggered and Spaced seating inside the theaters to maintain social distancing

- 15 minute intermissions between screenings to disinfect and sanitize theaters

- Venue installed new MERV 11 filters in HVAC units

- A/C units have been revamped to allow maximum intake and exhaust airflow

- Sanitizing stations are positioned throughout the building for your convenience

Still to be decided by our team:

- Eating concessions inside theaters or having designated areas outside of the theater

- Temperature readings for people entering building (like hospitals do) 

Refusal to comply to our Covid-19 Policy will result in your dismissal and you will not be refunded. We want everyone to be and feel safe. Please be respectful of the health of others and enjoy the show!

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