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Official Indie Film Distribution Partner

Twin Tiers

International Film Festival

Presented by WSKG


4th Annual Festival
September 16 - 18, 2022
Cinema Saver, Endicott, NY

Submissions for 2022 are now OPEN.

Important Special Notice for 2020 Films
The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt wrecked havoc on our ability to host the 2020 version of the festival. Due to the pandemic, we canceled 2020's festival and never allowed for submissions for 2021. 

Before canceling the 2020 Festival we had selected and nominated films for screening and awards. These films will still be shown in 2022 and still be in competition for awards.

The awards will be unique to 2022. The 2020 and 2022 films will be screened separate of each other. For each award category, we will have two (2) winners - one for the 2020 films and one for 2022. This only makes sense because the films from different years would not have been in direct competition with each other in normal circumstances. There will be no crossing or mixing of films from separate years.

If you are a filmmaker from our 2020 festival, we will still screen your film unless you notify us to not screen it. We are not putting any screening restrictions on our 2020 films from after July 1, 2020. For example, since we canceled on or about July 1st, at no fault to the filmmaker, we will honor screening your film at the festival so long as all of our public screening rules were followed prior to that date. After this date, we will not penalize or pull your film from our screening list if, for instance, your film is now on Netflix, Prime, Blu-Ray, etc. unless we are notified to do so. We will only ask you that these films not be publicly online (youtube, vimeo) for 2 months prior to the festival. 

We apologize for not having the festival in 2020 and 2021. We appreciate your support and understanding as we worked to get through this and get back to how a festival is supposed to be - IN THEATER!  

Official Digital Cinema Sponsor

of the

Twin Tiers International Film Festival


We have partnered with Simple DCP to help filmmakers create new or submit existing DCP files directly to our festival. Filmmakers requiring new DCP creation can enjoy 20% off, and filmmakers who are submitting already existing DCP files can do so for free. Simple DCP will create consolidated CRU drives for simple ingestion into our theater's projection systems creating a seamless and smooth process for festival and filmmaker alike! Click the icon to learn more! 

2020 Award Nominees

Donate your cans and bottles to help support the festival locally!

bottle donation.jpg

Stop into the Vestal Beverage and Redemption Center on State Route 26, just south of Vestal, and turn your cans and bottles into a donation for the festival! Plus, it helps keep our community clean! 

When you donate  not only will you receive a receipt for a tax deduction but you'll have a chance to score FREE MOVIE TICKETS!!

Here's how it works:

1. Visit the Vestal Beverage Center with your bottle and can returns and tell them you want to benefit the festival. You'll get a receipt.

2. Bring the receipt to the Cinema Saver (Festival Venue) and you'll receive a free entry into the raffle for each receipt you present.

3. WIN MOVIE TICKETS! One winner will win a pair of All Day Passes, and 10 winners will receive a free ticket for any showing at the festival Sept. 16-18. Drawing will be in early September!

Donations received help allow us to continue to offer and add free programs, events and educational workshops at the festival

Welcome to the Twin Tiers International Film Festival

The Twin Tiers International Film Festival is dedicated to finding and encouraging new filmmakers to showcase their films and let their voices be heard. We will foster an engaging and inspiring atmosphere where creativity abounds. Our venue is a popular locally owned movie cinema located in a small upstate NY town just a short distance from Binghamton - the hometown of Rod Serling, creator of "The Twilight Zone".

Come for a great festival of film, workshops and networking. Walk in Serling's footsteps and explore Binghamton's downtown and Twilight Zone inspirations. Or just enjoy sometime at the zoo or spend sometime in our region's natural scenic beauty while you visit us!   

Every film submitted to us will be viewed start to finish and graded by our judging panel of industry professionals. Our goal is to show as many films as possible across all film genres of any length. We have a big heart for local film and encourage local filmmakers to submit their work regardless of experience.

We are partnered with Shami Media Group (SMG) to provide our selected films and filmmakers a chance at indie film distribution. This is an exciting opportunity we are pleased to be able to offer! You're film may be the next hit on Amazon, Netflix or in the Redbox!

We know how hard the festival circuit can be. We are filmmakers ourselves. We want to invite you to our festival where we will strive to put the filmmakers and their films first. We will have strong networking events to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to discuss their work with other filmmakers. Our workshops will provide additional knowledge of various film making areas from things like writing screenplays to budgeting and funding. Each of our filmmakers will have a chance to discuss their work in our audience talkbacks. It is about the films and the filmmaker.  Come and spend some time with us and get ready to leave inspired!  


The Festival

Date and Times
Dates: Sept. 16-18, 2022
Time: To be Determined

Film Submission Categories
Documentary Feature,  Documentary Short, International (feature or short), Student (feature or short), Horror Feature, Horror Short, Drama/Thriller Feature, Sci-Fi/Action Feature, Drama/Thriller Short, Sci-Fi/Action Short, Comedy Feature, Comedy Short, Local (feature or short), Family Friendly, Made in NY

Run time for Feature Films is any film over 40 mins. Shorts are 39:59 and less. 

Unproduced Written Screenplay Submissions
Short Screenplays are 50 pages or less
Feature Screenplays are 51 pages or more 

For a complete list of competition rules and award listings, please click here.    

Looking for a hotel to stay at? We've got a list of discounted rates from nearby hotels.

2022 Special Guests and Events

We're back at it, working hard to schedule some awesome events! Check back!

Where we are located

Festival Location:

Cinema Saver

19 Madison Ave.

Endicott, NY 13760


Contact Us!

If you have any questions about anything in the festival (submission policies, awards, venue, etc.) please ask them! We are more than happy to assist you! Also, if you have any comments or recommendations we'd also love to hear from you! 

Festival Mailing Address:

212 Temple St

Owego, NY 13827

Call or Text us:

(607) 232-6002


Executive Director 

Christopher Pike

Assistant  Director

Stephanie Anderson

Marketing and Lead Sales

Mark Crimmins-Murdock

Event Staff

Tom Ferme

Thank you for contacting us! If your message requires a response, festival staff will respond as quickly as possible.

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